Poler experience

Like I talked about in my adventure piece to Portland, I love  a good outdoor store. Living on the east coast, we do not have access to Poler goods unless we buy them online. The uniqueness of Poler is not easy to convey through an online portal and the Poler experience is best suited by going into one of their stores and seeing the unique design aesthetic and distinct northwest feel the brand produces. 

The flagship store in the West End of Portland offers everything to fill those #campvibes and adventure cravings. I love a good backpack and it seems that is Poler's bread and butter. So many styles to satisfy fashionable survivalist in all of us. 

The best thing I believe to happen to Poler was the collab with Pendleton. The Poler x Pendleton combination birthed a few amazing products that lovers of both brands have no choice but to own as soon as they can. Do your self a favor and make you way to check out the flag ship and get the best camping goods you can't live without.