Married to Utah

June has been the month of weddings. I have had three in the first three weekends of June. It has been exhausting but so much fun. 

The travel and experiences have been amazing but, not without a few hurdles. I talked about how great our Punta Cana Adventure was but the Dominican definitely got the upper hand against me. I was happy to get home to Utah where I grew up. This place is a mountain paradise that is great every season of the year. It's picturesque in a NatGeo Instagram kind of way, where every view is stunning and awe-inspiring.  (Check out my Instagram for a few pics of Utah or the Utah album)

Beyond the amazing views, I also got to visit all of my favorite hang outs and eat at my favorite restaurants. No matter what the reason I am back in Utah for, it usually always boils down to a food tour of all my favorite restaurants.  When you think of amazing culinary places, Utah does not usually not come to mind but this place holds a special in my stomach and my heart. I was able to impart my love Mexican food on Jackie. When you are in Utah be sure to check out a few of these amazing places which are now some of Jackie's favorites:

  • Hector's Mexican Food (formally known as Molca Salsa) - I have been coming here since I was in high school for what I believe is THE BEST Mexican food in Utah. The California burrito or the steak chimichanga are the favorites at this hole in the wall. 
  • Cafe Rio - The pork salad is amazing and this Utah staple is catching on quickly in the western half of the US. It is my go to for a quick HUGE salad.
  • Squatters Roadhouse Grill - This place has been a staple in the microbrew scene before this whole microbrews are cool trend. Their Chocolate Chocolate Rye Stout on Nitro and their Evolution Amber Ale are my favorites. 

Ah, yes I almost forgot I went to Utah to celebrate two weddings with all of my friends. We got to celebrate my friend Andrew's wedding the first weekend we were there in beautiful Park City. He held the ceremony at the Claim Jumper on historic Main st. This wedding was the primer for all of my friends seeing each other and reconnecting over the long week. 

It got us pumped to spend the week together and celebrate another wedding the following weekend. The next wedding was for my friend Danny and his now wife Lindsey. They had their nuptials at the very beautiful Blue Sky Ranch in Wanship, Utah which is right outside of Park City. 

The week in Utah was amazing and made miss my home more than usual. As a skier this is hard for me to say but Utah maybe better in the summer than it is in the winter. I hope to make it back soon to really get some good outdoor exploring in.